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About Rellim

Station's Manager. When Rellim’s not busy managing the day to day activities of The Base (mostly due to Ricko being a lazy monkey), he’s working in the music industry doing fancy stuff that can’t be described in words.

New show premiers Sunday: ‘The BASEment’ with Gyun

We are happy to announce another addition to our monkey-team of DJ’s: Gyun!

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Project Banana-PC upgrade

Rellim's report of the PC upgrade fundraiser!

By |October 1st, 2016|News|1 Comment

The Big Move – Shoutcast host changed! [new links here]

The Base Radio has updated their Shoutcast services host, please look here for updated links!

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We’d love to give Ricko away, but did the next best thing…

With the month of august coming to an end, we are reaching that time of year where we say goodbye to summer.

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From the archive: EdenStar spotlight – The 1 millionth backer

A while back on the StarCitizenBase Round Table we had the One Millionth Star Citizen backer on the show to introduce herself to the community. We thought this was a great little spotlight we had on the show that we decided to pull it out of our banana archive and publish it!

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Twerk17 Spotlight on SCB Round Table!

In light of his upcoming Gamescom adventures and just because he’s awesome, we had Twerk17 on the Round Table Show! You can find him at

This interview was held on July 31st 2016.

Also thanks to the co-hosts and guests for helping out: Juntau, Pegasus, TheOnly.
Check out our weekly talk show “StarCitizenBase Round Table” every sunday […]

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Anniversary Server Fire Show — June 19th

Monkeys! For people that have been around longer, they probably know what I’m talking about. Because It’s time.

It’s time for that yearly Anniversary serverfire-show… say whut?

To celebrate our station’s continuing growth and because we’ve been a proud part of the Star Citizen community since January 2014, we want to host a very special anniversary show, […]

By |June 12th, 2016|Announcements, News|2 Comments

CitizenCon Recap – Fan Interviews

Hello there all!

As you may know, at CitizenCon 2015 Calexus and Doopsums were acting as our ‘monkey journalists’, interviewing staff (see new archive) and also random fans on the event floor. Their adventures and fan interviews can be heard, right here, in this CitizenCon Recap report, in two parts.

Thanks to all the fans at the […]

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The Search /w Ionscout gets Sandi Gardiner on air!

Saturday 10th October, Citizencon 2015 is in full preperation and our DJ “Ionscout” is doing his special pre-citizencon show, having Doopsums call into the show. At that time, Doopsums was already at the venue standing next to Sandi Gardiner. One thing led to the other, and Sandi briefly spoke to our listeners on the air! […]

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SCB Round Table – Controller Debate PART 2

By popular demand, you can listen back to the continuation on the entire Controller debate on the StarCitizenBase Round Table of September 13 right here!
This time we changed up our guests with joystick users to get their point of view.

On this edition we had HydroBigBANG, Goliath and Jaris to bring in a bit of their perspective.

We […]

By |September 16th, 2015|Interviews, News|1 Comment