If you choose to accept it, is to find all the wanted bounties and “capture” them (on photo with you)! Then find Edenstar to deliver the photos and collect the reward.

Make sure to follow both Edenstar and The Fugitives on twitter for hints on their location!


They're criminals! The lot of them!



The first person to take a picture with all 6 bounties and deliver them to Edenstar will receive the bounty reward – an awesome beer mug to drink to your victory with! The next two successful bounty hunters will receive runner-up rewards, donated by Erris of INN.


The mug you will use to drink the blood of your enemies...when you win



All participating bounty hunters will be eligible for a raffle prize, following the week of Citizen Con on The Base Radio. To enter in the raffle, you need to tweet at least one photo of you with a Captured Bounty, along with your twitch username, and tag the @StarCitizenBase.

Bounty Hunters who participated by tweeting the above information will be entered into the drawing and must be present during the Star Citizen Base Round Table show on October 16 at 2100 UTC to collect their prize.  The Prize for the raffle is TBD.


Good luck! And happy hunting!