Want to support The Base?

The Base has been streaming 24/7 since January 2014 to over 70,000 listeners worldwide! We pride ourselves in always pushing the boundaries of what an online radio station can do!

But we can always use your help, and thanks to technology, there’s TWO great options to choose from to help fund this great endeavor.

Option 1 – Donations!

The first, and often times easiest way to support us is with a single monetary donation, which can be done towards our PayPal account. This is used to pay server fees and buy gifts for our listeners!



Simply follow this link and fill out the information requested! You can use your PayPal account or a Credit Card.

These donations get tracked on our donation tracker which can be seen on our Twitch Stream!

Option 2 – Patronage!

The second option is more of a subscription model via the Patreon platform. With this, we have set milestones that when hit, will improve the service in general on a monthly basis!



Follow this link and take a look at the different patronage levels! Depending on what amount you decide to offer, there’s some perks associated with it, which can include up to being producer of your very own Friday Night Show!