This one time, on the Friday Night Show, viewers and listeners alike enjoyed witnessing the pain and agony that comes with eating “Bean Boozled Jelly Beans“.

From Spoiled Milk to Rotten Eggs and a few options in between, Zhane and Edenstar took it upon themselves to eat one random bean for every $5 donation, in hopes of gathering enough money to build a PC for Rellim. And that we did thanks to all our wonderful fans!

But it doesn’t stop there… sadly. A few days later, my wonderful wife bought me a box and said “I should share their pain next time”. At first I was not too confident in doing such an activity, but with some peer pressure and more “victims” coming forward, a new event was organized.

Welcome to the Jelly Beans Game – 2nd Edition!

On the December 9th edition of the Friday Night Show, which starts at 7pm Eastern. For every donation of $5 or more, the victims will eat a random Bean Boozled Jelly Bean. I hope you tune in for the fun, and cruelty, that such an activity carries.


I would like to thank all the folks that will participate in this activity, without you, The Base wouldn’t be what it is today.